How to cure common green swimming pool water problems?

How to cure common green swimming pool water problems?

Swimming pools are ideal to stay clear like a crystal and maintained for an enjoyable swimming time at any hour. Though, immobile substances tend to collect algae and bacteria that develop and affect your pool color. A pool showing green color is a dirty one, and it becomes a complicated thing to clean up. Algae presence in the water results in making it green, and it tends to appear in a low level of free chlorine in the pool. When not using any preventing method, the pool develops algae due to rain, sun heat, and other dirty elements. Without proper steps, it becomes challenging to get rid of algae in the pool. Some curing methods on how to clean a green swimming pool are:

  1. Start with testing pool water quality:

It’s always a wise step to start with testing pool water quality. With the test outcomes, you’ll get to know if the pool water is balanced or not. It’s crucial to look at the level of free chlorine present in the pool water as it is a significant cause behind green water. An adequate level of free chlorine must be 1-4 parts per million. If not appropriately maintained, start putting sanitizers or chlorine for reaching an appropriate pool water balance.

  1. Do a pool treatment with shock:

When you want to keep your pool water free from algae and clean, applying a pool treatment with shock works as an excellent method. In this way, shock results in eliminating any contaminants causing the growth of algae. Also, it works as an actual method to filter pool water.

How to cure common green swimming pool water problems?

  1. Use algaecide to kill algae:

In the list of methods on how to clean a green swimming pool, a crucial one is using an algaecide. If your pool water turns green because of algae presence, it’s essential to take a proper step in killing away algae. For this, the algaecide application is the best cure to kill algae present in the pool. After the algaecide application, the dead algae stay within the pool, so brush it away correctly.

  1. Perform filter cleaning:

If you want to know the magical secret behind maintaining a clean pool, it’s none other than filter cleaning. Keep the pool filter in a functional mode for day and night, so the pool gets free from any dirt. You can either go for chemical or back washing your pool filter.

  1. Proper pool maintenance:

Like everything, you need to keep your pool maintained too. It’s best to perform regular pool maintenance, or you can hire some professionals for weekly maintenance. Peoria Swimming Pool Pros are the top-rated professionals who can help you pool maintenance at a reasonable range.

Cleaning your swimming pool isn’t that easy, and it’s best to seek help from experts. All you need to do is refer with the Peoria Swimming Pool Pros, and they’ll do the cleaning professionally. You can select any package for seasonal or weekly pool maintenance, whatever fits your requirement. With this thing, you can enjoy swimming in healthy pool water and maintain good water quality.